How do I use the soap?
You use the soap to clean your vulva area. It’s safe to use even while on your menstrual. To clean “inside” we recommend using a washcloth in a swift [wiping motion] as you would when you're done using the bathroom. But remember, there’s [NO] need of physically inserting/shoving the soap inside. Remember, a [LITTLE] goes a long way. The shape is simply for aesthetic.
**Please don't use the soap in the manner that you would use a sex toy!!!**
How often should I use the soap?

Once you've established that the soap doesn't cause any irritation, you're free to use it every day. Remember, a LITTLE goes a long way. This isn't a regular body soap that needs a lot of lathering to get results. We seriously mean that a little goes a long way. To start off, we recommend using it every other day. Then gradually switch to everyday use. Please refer to soap directions to understand how the soap should be used.

I have sensitive skin, will your products work for me?
We create and test all of our products with sensitive skin in mind. While we wholeheartedly believe that our products won't cause any irritation due to sensitivity issues, we're unable to truly know how someone's body may react. As always, we welcome feedback in regards to our products to ensure that we're only creating the best of the best, for ALL.
What do you recommend for chronic yeast and bacterial vaginosis?
Because our suppositories can reach where soap can't, we recommend our Va JuJu Beans. If you're unsure of suppositories containing boric-> https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/325518
Because we are unable to make medical claims, we've provided an article link. As always, you should do research before inserting any product into your sacred area.
- We make NO CLAIMS of our Va JuJu Beans curing both curable & incurable STDs, it is NOT our goal to make a quick buck or mislead the public.
- Again, our suppositories DO NOT treat STDs.
Things to Keep in Mind
- If you have any unresolved vaginal issues, we do not recommend our products.
- Our focus is on yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis & vaginal odors (cleansing & detoxing).
- If you have any cysts/polyps, we also don't recommend our suppositories.
- By purchasing, you're using your own discretion to test/use our products. We assume that each buyer is aware of their unique situation.
- If you experience ANY discomfort, we recommend discarding our products immediately.
- We don't test our products on pregnant women, so please consult with a doctor/research if you're contemplating trying our products.
What else should I know?
- We do not use lye in our soaps.
- To preserve your soap, please don't leave in water as water causes all soaps to dissolve and consider placing soap on a soap dish.
- Soaps are flat on the back. They do not mimic the shape of sex toys.
- Because we usually ship the next business day, we don't accept cancellations on individual orders unless you contact us within an hour of ordering. Otherwise, your order will ship as normal because by then, it is already labeled & packaged.

Under no circumstance do we accept returns on hygienic products, as there is no true way of knowing if a product has been tampered with.